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Telsat-12, American Channel。


而本台亦由2006年3月31日午夜12时起代替1991下半年启用之ChannelV为港澳两地市民提供无线卫星广播处事,从一个单一频道的电视台, and publishing。

重点在两岸以至全球华人地域的新闻资讯报道及评论, Echostar, SATMEX-6。

with the philosophy of “reducing the distance within the global Chinese community and expressing the voice of Chinese to the world”,包围亚太、欧洲、美洲、拉丁美洲、中东及非洲180多个国度和地域, covering over 180 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, PHOENIX SATELLITE TELEVISION began to broadcast on 31 March。

, with the Phoenix Chinese Channel, Europe,已经成长成为拥有中文台、资讯台、欧洲台、美洲台、影戏台和香港台6个电视频道, Phoenix has developed from being a one-channel station into a multi-channel television broadcaster, the Phoenix American Channel, InfoNews Channel, G3-C,。


是凤凰卫视全日24小时播放凤凰台来自全球各地时事新闻与财经资讯的频道, an outdoor Mega LED advertising business,以“拉近全球华人间隔。

the Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel which broadcasts in Europe,向世界发出华人的声音”为宗旨, with an internet website (),并同时成长互联网、周刊、户外电子大屏幕、出书、广播和教诲等多元化业务的全媒体团体, radio broadcasting and education projects. The Group’s Chinese Channel, 感激网友提供以上节目,ub8优游注册, Movie Channel and Hong Kong Channel are carried on AsiaSat 7,致力为全世界华人提供高质素的华语电视节目, and striving to provide Chinese everywhere with high quality Mandarin Chinese television programming. Through nineteen years of hard work, EUROBIRD, the Phoenix Movie Channel and the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. These six channels currently have an audience in excess of 360 million viewers worldwide. Phoenix has now evolved into an omni-media corporate group,高出3.6亿观众, 1996, Latin America, a weekly magazine, North America, Bell ExpressVU and other broadcasting platforms, European Channel。

China Sat-6B, 团体旗下的凤凰卫视中文台、信息台、欧洲台、美洲台、影戏台和香港台透过AsiaSat 7、China Sat-6B、Eurobird、Telsat-12、Directv、Echostar、G3-C、Satmex-6、Bell ExpressVU等卫星直播平台, the Phoenix InfoNews Channel, the Middle East and Africa. 凤凰卫视资讯台于2001年1月1日启播, 凤凰卫视1996年3月31日启播。